Both cauliflower and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables and come from the Brassicaceae family. Examine a portion of the contrasts between the two.

With regards to a correlation among cauliflower and cabbage, cauliflower looks very like broccoli, the solitary obvious distinction is that it is white in shading. The white florets known as curd are consolidated at a focal tail. It comes in different tones like purple, orange and green.

While cabbage is a sort of verdant vegetable that can be eaten in an assortment of ways, be it steamed, cooked, bubbled or squeezed. It is a cruciferous vegetable and is accessible in shadings going from green to purple to red. Both cauliflower and cabbage have a place with the Brassicaceae family and are cruciferous vegetables. From medical advantages to taste, here are a few contrasts between the two vegetables.


Medical advantages

Normal utilization of this vegetable aides in improving blood flow and keeping up the legitimate working of the veins, along these lines improving and keeping up cardiovascular wellbeing.

Cauliflower is likewise successful in improving the stomach related cycle of the body. It is a rich wellspring of dietary fiber and advances the disposal of poisons from the body.

It contains nutrient C, that guides in the creation of collagen which keeps up bone wellbeing and secures the joints.


Cauliflower is said to have a sweet and nutty flavor with harsh feelings. The surface is crunchy and the flavor is mellow. It can turn sour or become harsh on the off chance that it is overcooked.


Medical advantages

Cabbage is plentiful in Vitamin C and sulfur that help in eliminating poisons from the body, for example, free extremists and uric corrosive.

It is additionally plentiful in cancer prevention agents, fiber and nutrients. While it is very low in calories.

Red cabbages are rich in betalains that are known to bring down glucose levels and help in insulin creation. Cabbage is stacked with cell reinforcements and hostile to hyperglycemic properties that make it compelling in controlling glucose levels.


Cabbage has an intense and crunchy surface. Crude cabbage has an effectively recognizable and severe taste. While most is a little severe, some of the time the cabbage can be somewhat sweet.


Since both cabbage and cauliflower have comparable degrees of Vitamins C, A, E and numerous different supplements, it very well may be said that both are similarly sound and nutritious.

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