Four BEST destinations for Delhites to plan a quick weekend getaway in the New Year

The time has come to take a break and celebrate the New Year by heading out to unconventional objections that are a couple of hours from Delhi. Here is a rundown of 4 such objections to make a trip to, to invite the New Year with an unwinding and reviving occasion.

We are over the most recent couple of days of the year and with the clubs and the cafés being packed and jam-stuffed, what preferable approach to commend it over disappearing to a loosening up spot for a truly necessary break. Besides, with the absolute first day of the new year falling on a Friday, it just bodes well to go along with it with the end of the week and save yourself from the tiring and dreary office work.

Despite the fact that with the pandemic actually going on, you wouldn’t have any desire to go anyplace that is excessively far and travel-substantial and would decide on a closer and simpler to arrive at the objective. So here are 5 such places to design an end of the week escape to.


Arranged in Alwar, Rajasthan, Neemrana is a celebrated travel objective for Delhiites due to its rich legacy, greatness and serene environmental factors. It is around 125 km away from Delhi and is generally well known for Neemrana Fort Palace, a legacy resort to spend a sumptuous and loosening up occasion.


Broadly known as the Pink City, Jaipur is an energetic and exuberant objective which is just 145 km away from New Delhi. It is a brilliant and happening city. It’s old-world appeal just as the exceptional millennial culture, makes it an ideal spot to spend the New Year’s.


onal Park. The feature of this park is the wilderness safari and the numerous types of vegetation that will intrigue and bewilder you. This spot is just 240 km away from Delhi and is ideal for untamed life lovers and nature darlings who need to take a break from the city life.


Camp your approach to New Year’s by spending it in Manesar which is the fantasy objective of each experience addict. It is just 55 km away from the capital and has a stunning setting of the Aravali Hills. It likewise has resorts and spas to unwind and spoil yourself.

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